My Dental SOP

Easy access platform for all of your practice's Standard Operating Procedures.

Introducing My Dental SOP, a cutting edge software solution tailored specifically for dental practices wanting more efficient employee onboarding & training that leads directly to higher production - and higher employee retention.

Standardize Your Operations

Revolutionizing the way dental practices approach team management for higher production!

A True Knowledge and Training Hub

My Dental SOP Introduction

Live & Relevant Standard Operating Procedures

Easy to Access by All Team Members

Easy to use and customize for growth practices

HUB for Team Communication & Collaboration

Continuously Updated Compliance Calendar

Resource Library of Valuable Resources

Library of Customizable Sample Forms

User & Practice Security is a Top Priority


In-House Training System

Communication Hub

Secure Portal


  • Automate Training
  • Fewer Errors
  • Save existing staff's precious time


  • Stop the revolving door
  • Greater employee retention
  • Unique to your practice
  • Knowledge & Communication hub


  • Save $1,000s on training
  • Increase Production $$$
  • Increase value of 3rd party training & CE Programs

I am a private practice ready to scale...

I am a DSO...

I am a Consultant...

Your Success Plan and Roadmap

  • One-on-one Onboarding
  • Software Access for all team members
  • SOP Framework
  • Templates ready to customize!
  • Weekly Group Virtual Training Calls
  • Weekly Q&A office hours
  • Full Access to My Dental SOP Community
  • Library of free resources for each role on your team.

Dental Systems Optimization

Simple & Easy operational restart.

The business solution to getting everyone on the same page!

Effortless Onboarding

Say goodbye to cumbersome onboarding processes. With My Dental SOP, streamline the journey for new team members. Tailored modules, interactive training, and personalized guidance ensure a seamless transition, aligning newcomers with your practice's ethos and protocols from day one - without wasting any of your existing staff's time!

Seamless Cross-Training

Empower your team with versatility. Our platform creates instant access to all SOPs, and simplifies cross-training, enabling individuals to diversify their skill sets effortlessly. From administrative tasks to chairside procedures, cultivate a team adept at handling various roles, enhancing operational resilience.

 Cohesion and Alignment

Forge a united front within your practice. My Dental SOP fosters cohesion through collaborative features and interactive forums. Engage in knowledge sharing, idea exchange, and team-building exercises to create a culture where every member contributes to collective success.

 Data-Driven Insights

Empower decision-making with actionable insights. Gain valuable performance metrics and analytics to track individual progress and identify knowledge gaps and areas for improvement. Make informed decisions for a more efficient and empowered workforce.

 Exceptional Results

Elevate your practice to new heights. My Dental SOP isn't just about skills; it's about creating a skilled, engaged, and confident team that drives exceptional patient care and practice success.

Unlock the potential of your dental practice with My Dental SOP.

Experience a transformative approach to team management and watch as your practice reaches unparalleled efficiency, patient satisfaction, and overall success.

The ultimate facilitator for streamlining the onboarding process.

Case Study:

Solo Practitioner

A solo practitioner, DDS, ventured into establishing their practice amid the challenging landscape of the COVID-19 pandemic. Operating without established Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and relying on an inexperienced office manager, the practice faced significant financial setbacks due to aged and uncollectible receivables, rampant staff turnover, and operational inefficiencies.

Upon discovering My Dental SOP,  they found the framework of existing SOPs aligned with their practice needs. They didn't need to make extensive alterations to existing processes. Its automated training modules significantly reduced the burden on existing staff, allowing them to learn without compromising production. My Dental SOP proved to be a transformative tool for the dental practice. By seamlessly integrating existing SOPs, streamlining training, and fostering a cohesive team environment, it addressed critical challenges and set the practice on a path of efficiency, stability, and growth.

Case Study:

27 location, multi-state DSO

A Dental Service Organization faced hurdles in onboarding and training staff across multiple locations due to a lack of standardized training materials. This resulted in disruptions, inefficiencies, and communication issues between sites. Manual training processes strained HR resources, causing inconsistencies in procedures and forgetfulness among team members.

Implementing My Dental SOP brought transformative changes. Automated training modules reduced HR workload, allowing focus on strategic goals. Uploading SOPs to a central platform improved accessibility and alignment among team members. Centralized communication channels notably boosted employee engagement.

The DSO's investment in a comprehensive platform for training automation, SOP accessibility, progress tracking, and centralized communication yielded significant dividends. This enhanced operational efficiency but fostered consistency.

Case Study:

Opening a Second Location

A thriving pediatric dental practice with one location was preparing to open additional location. While they appreciated the existing SOPs provided by our platform, the practice needed to add specialty modules. The platform is easy of use and  they were able to  seamlessly incorporate tailored additions to meet their specialized requirements. With the assistance of their consultant they fine-tuned their SOPs.

One significant challenge the practice faced with was frequent turnover due to the nature of the community, which has a significant number of military families. Relocations within this demographic often resulted in unavoidable employee turnover. As a consequence, it was crucial for the practice to develop an automated training plan capable of swiftly and seamlessly onboarding new team members, driven by the necessity to avoid burdening the existing staff with extensive onboarding responsibilities. By integrating their specialized content, refining SOPs, and implementing an automated training plan, this pediatric dental practice successfully addressed the challenges posed by its expansion and high turnover rates due to the transient nature of their community. The result was an efficient, evergreen training system that not only streamlined the onboarding process but also contributed to the overall proficiency and adaptability of the team across both. The practice was better equipped to handle turnover and ensure seamless operations even with frequent personnel changes.